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At Chow Bella we strive to create the best possible training experience for you and your pet. We believe training should be fun for you and your furry best friend! We use effective, science-based positive reinforcement training to help you teach and maintain the behaviors you want to see in your dog. Using this type of training creates a strong bond between you and your dog based on love, mutual trust, and cooperation. We do not use or recommend aversive methods or equipment that utilize fear, pain, or intimidation to train your dog. Instead, we use methods that help you learn to communicate effectively with your dog and build a positive working relationship.

Positive reinforcement based training is incredibly powerful. Let us show you what it can do for you and your pet!

Cute Puppy


All dogs must be up to date on vaccines in order to attend class. Puppies should have their second distemper/parvo booster before attending their first class.

All dogs should be on a six foot leash during class. Extendable/flexi leashes are not permitted in class for safety reasons.

All dogs should be on a flat collar, martingale collar, or harness of the owner’s choosing. Correction collars such as choke chains, prong collars, or electric collars are not permitted.

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