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Job Openings at Chow Bella!

We’re Hiring

Trimming the Fur


Looking for Grooming Professionals - NO EXPERIENCE? NO PROBLEM! Have you ever considered being a dog groomer? We are looking for people who love working with dogs who have a good temperament, optimistic attitude and willingness to learn! Learn a new career - earning from $30-60,000 per year.

Chow Bella is a one of kind place in Saratoga Springs. From the high end retail store, to the indoor dog park, this is a one stop destination for all our local dog families! We are looking for that person that wants to be part of something fun and exciting and wants to build the best grooming facility in the area! Saratoga Springs is a destination place with a very tight knit community who loves their dogs!


Our groomers provide our customers with high-quality grooming with high moral standards. We believe in giving our clients the best spa experience in town!

Some groomers go to dog-grooming school, but you'll learn a lot more on the job. We are currently looking for a Groom Tech (hourly with tips.) Grooming school can cost you upward of $6,000 - this is an awesome opportunity to learn on the job as we will pay for your online courses. You will start out with the basics learning how to bathe and dry a dog. Then will be introduced to each step of the grooming process. After six months we will have you grooming full time!


Position Expectations (please understand this is not a detailed list - just basic information.)

  • Customer Service - Be able to understand a client's request and execute it. If not, be able to communicate with the client.

  • Educate Clients on Pet's Coat

  • Check in and out your dogs

  • Keep equipment clean and sharp

  • Cleaning occurs during and after a groom

  • Able to groom without a muzzle unless the dog is muzzle-trained.

  • De-matt with a gentle approach

  • Ensure the safety and well-being of every pet and associate in the store, taking immediate action whenever necessary

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