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Humanity before vanity. Humanity is the quality of being compassionate, kind, empathetic, and understanding towards others. It involves a deep concern for the well-being of others and a willingness to put the needs of others before one's own self-interest. When people prioritize humanity over vanity, they are choosing to act in ways that benefit others and contribute to the greater good, rather than seeking personal gain or validation.

So what does that mean in grooming? It is taking the entire pet into consideration when we groom it. From choosing the best possible products and providing a safe and comfortable environment, to making sure that the not only the physical but also the psychological and emotional needs of the animal are supported during the grooming process. We do not crate animals and make them wait all day. Each appointment is scheduled for your pet (commonly called express grooming).

We use all natural shampoo and conditioning products to nurture your pet's spa experience! They will not only look and smell their best, but their skin will be healthier, too!



How often should you groom your pet?  Grooming your dog on a regular basis has many advantages. Not only does it keeps your dog healthy (and happy), it can help detect early warning signs of rashes, skin lesions, and lumps that you may not have noticed on your own.  We suggest you start the process as soon as you get a new pet. If a puppy learns early that grooming is fun, you will have a less stressful experience for you, your pet and your groomer!

For medium to long hair dogs, we suggest you come in every 4-6 weeks. Some dogs can go a little longer for a haircut if they come in between for a bath and blowout. Too long an interval between grooming appointments increases the probability of matting which adds the risk of injury and discomfort for your best friend.


Make sure you brush your dog's fur with a slicker brush and comb. For long hair and any doodles, you need to do this everyday for at least ten minutes.  Brush all parts of the dog (ears, legs, tail and armpits.) Using the comb helps you find any knots or matts. If the comb can't touch the skin you need to come see us! Then, once a week, commit to about 30 minutes of brushing. You can use a detangle spray to help get out any knots before they become matts. It's recommended to have them bathed once a month. If you choose to do it yourself, be sure to dry them completely and brush them out. 


A puppy's first grooming experience can be a little overwhelming for them since they are not accustomed to the process. The puppy may be a little nervous or apprehensive as they are taken to the grooming salon. They may be unsure of what is going on and may even whine or whimper a little. Our groomer will gently introduce themselves to the puppy, petting (kissing) and talking to them in a reassuring tone to help them feel more comfortable.


The groomer will start by brushing the puppy's coat to remove any tangles or mats. This may be a bit uncomfortable for the puppy, especially if they have a long coat, but the groomer will work carefully and patiently to make it as painless as possible. Next, the groomer will trim the puppy's nails, which can be a little scary for some puppies. The puppy may squirm a little, but the groomer will use a steady hand and reassuring words to keep them calm.

After that, the groomer will give the puppy a bath, using a gentle shampoo and warm water. This may be a new experience for the puppy, and they may be unsure of what is happening. The groomer will make sure to keep the water and shampoo out of the puppy's eyes and ears.

Finally, the groomer will dry the puppy off with a towel and a blow dryer on a low heat setting. The noise from the blow dryer may scare the puppy a little, but the groomer will be careful not to get too close or too loud.

Throughout the entire grooming process, our groomers are patient, kind, and reassuring to help the puppy feel as comfortable as possible. After the grooming is finished, the puppy will likely feel a bit tired but clean and refreshed!

 (Puppies up to six months old). 

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