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Yappy Hour at Chow Bella

After much contemplation, the concept of a café and wine bar has been brewing in our minds here at Chow Bella. And this Saturday, we're thrilled to finally put this idea to the test as we introduce our inaugural Yappy Hour event!

Come and mingle with fellow dog enthusiasts at our Dog Parent Mixer, taking place from 4-8pm in the indoor dog park. We're excited to create a lively atmosphere where you and your furry companions can connect with like-minded individuals. Bring your dogs along, provided they have up-to-date vaccination records (standard dog park regulations apply, of course!). While we're presenting this as a singles gathering, we warmly welcome all dog parents to join us for an enjoyable evening of camaraderie.

We are excited to partner with Bars without Boundaries - they have a one-of-a-kind mobile bar that will offer beverages, popcorn and cotton candy! The planned activities, such as dog play, speed dating, and silly games, make for excellent ice-breakers. Playing with dogs can be a heartwarming and joyous experience, and it can help participants feel more at ease and open to meeting new people.

For those who are passionate about their dogs and looking to build connections with others who feel the same way, this event is a must-attend. It provides a chance to enjoy a fun-filled afternoon, meet new people, and possibly find someone special who not only captures your heart but also wins the affection of your furry companion.

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