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Sundays in September

Hi friends and soon to be friends! Just wanted to take a minute to thank everyone for their continued support! The summer is quickly coming to an end and the fall will be here soon, and in preparation for a busy fall/winter, we will closing on Sundays for the month of September. Sundays are typically quiet anyway, and with nice weather its even quieter! So, we will take a little break and get our kids back to school and start to gear up for the 2nd Anniversary at Chow Bella!

We are offering 10% off annual park memberships ($650) if you buy one in September - that is over three months free (including a 5% discount in the store and a free dog wash each month)! Such a deal! We will also be raising our monthly membership to $75.00. The Daily rate will stay at $10.

We hope to add grooming on Sundays so we can offer all our services six days a week! And, we are still trying to figure out that cafe area - stay tuned on that as well!

Thank you again - See you in the park!

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