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New Year - new fun!

We are embracing the new year - even if its already February!

This cold has been great for business - we experienced our busiest day last Saturday (as the temps were below freezing!) but we had so much fun! We are so happy more and more people have learned about us and our dog park! Thank you for your support and please continue to spread the word.

We hosted our first Paint your Pet event in January and it was a huge success! Look for our next one - coming at the end March. We will offer tickets soon!

Lucky Puppy Rescue will be here this weekend for an adoption event - we can't wait to play with the pups- hope you can come too - we will have a special vendor here as well - Tara from Bull In a Collar Shop!

We are working with a local brewery to come and do a tasting night - would you want to come to an event like that?

  • Hell Yes!

  • No thank you.

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