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Grooming Refresh

I am writing today to let you know we have made some major changes in the grooming salon. We have had a rough few months with appointments and groomers so we started over and I can say I think we have the best team in town!

Britney Walker joined us a few weeks ago and has such a way with the animals! She specializes in senior and hard to do pets and loves the doodles too! Coty, her bather, is the calmest guy and the dogs all know it. Even the ones that hate the dryer seem to be ok with Coty!

Emily Slaton is coming back in mid July too! She will be working Wednesdays and we are so happy to have her back!

For now, we will be taking appointments Tuesday - Saturday, and hopefully will be adding another groomer who can do later appointments and Sundays soon. Thank you all for your support and giving a small woman-owned business a try!

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