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Doggy Day Camp and the Indoor Dog Park

Happy Summer to all our doggy and human friends! With the track up and running, it gets crazy around Saratoga - and add the heat and rain, you must be wondering what to do with your dogs!

How about a park membership? Did you know we offer a free week when you sign up for the monthly membership? Thats seven days to try it out - you don't like it, you can cancel! Its a great way to get a few visits in before you make any commitments.

Also, have you heard about our Doggy Day Camp? We are offering two hour drop offs throughout the week where you can drop off your dog and we will play with them - socialize them, and work on any training issues you may be having! Add a bath and you can take home a clean and tired dog! Tongue's out if you are happy and tired!

Speaking of baths - we also launched our bath club! That is unlimited DIY baths for a low monthly price! Starting at $25/month and it also includes a free day pass each month to the dog park!

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